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Censorship, shadowban, interference, blocking, deleting, bans - all of these are increasingly encountered by visual artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, scientists, poets, designers, but also therapists, doctors, historians, coaches, educators, fashion designers and other professions who work with themes of inti*acy, nu*ity, e*oticism, se*uality. The main reason for this is the puritanism of some people, and the most used tool to discriminate against a large group of creators is mainly the algorithms of social networks and other technology and media companies, which massively label most visual, textual and audio works related to se*uality and e*oticism as inappropriate content. This discriminates against creators and at the same time significantly distorts the perception of human se*uality and e*oticism, making mainstream commercial po*nography easily accessible to children, while educational, health and historical information and creative representations of e*oticism and se*uality are very difficult to find. That's why we founded an association whos aim is to support and help these creative artists and at the same time building awareness of e*otic intelligence in society.

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