On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin unleashed the largest military conflict in Europe since the end of World War II. Russia's year-long aggression left behind ruined lives and devastated cities. Thank you for your support.

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We offer a comprehensive system of online fundraising in a non-anonymous way. We cooperate with more than 1000 NGOs!


Do you have your favourite NGO? Would you like to help more? Celebrate your birthday in a different way this year or run a marathon for a good cause!


When you wake up in the morning feeling like doing something extra, we are here for you! Simply select and donate. Safely, easily, online.

What is Darujme?


We make it easier for NGOs to launch a campaign and for donors to donate. It's simple and it takes only a few clicks.


We believe that donation is a manifestation of trust and a symbol of relationship. That is why we support communication between a donor and a donatory as a natural part of giving.


We support individual fundraising and new trends that make sense. We make giving a common thing and keep continuously developing the system.


Safety is one of our highest priorities. All payments are secured with the most advanced security features.

Thanks to a long accurate collaboration with Darujme.cz and their innovative approaches to philanthropy, our donors can quickly and easily support the MSF projects.

During our first year of operation, with a help of Darujme.cz and literally from "a living room", we have managed to raise more than CZK 700,000 from specific individual donors with whom we remain in a lively touch.

Darujme.cz? Easy, completely safe and fast way for donors to donate online. And a tool which we can no longer exist without.

We have tried more solutions for our donors but Darujme.cz is the best choice.


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