Koridor UA z. s.

https://koridorua.cz Phone: +420 736 415 655 Email: info@koridorua.cz

Koridor UA is a young Czech organization working in Ukraine, which allows other organizations to access the Ukrainian environment. We base our activities on volunteering! Our casual volunteering and quick activation of our group has turned into a professional and highly sought after aid that connects dozens of organizations and hospitals, donors and beneficiaries in Ukraine. Our work includes daily contact with the war, permanent research on needs and development projects supporting local communities. All of this is happening at the same time, while the threat of missile attacks persists. Unfortunately, everything is something to get used to, especially if it becomes your daily reality. In these difficult times, our lives and our future depend on the most unlikely acts, but they happen with iron regularity. We call them "small heroics" or "good deeds". People show them to each other just where the greatest suffering is taking place. It is an environment which, despite considerable material devastation and all the risks involved, remains utterly human.

Current projects