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Humanitarian corridor to Ukraine

Our volunteers have been helping in Ukraine continuously for 2 years. They are mainly young people, students and university graduates, who decided to take responsibility for our future and to give their time to the people who were most affected by the war. To continue their courageous humanitarian work, they need your help!

we started on 2024-02-21

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Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, we've been helping those most affected.  We formed up on the Slovak-Ukrainian border, welcoming refugees and sending aid over borders. Soon, we would create a Czech and Ukrainian humanitarian NGO Koridor UA; a logistics system to transport humanitarian aid across the nearly impenetrable border and a field distribution system on site. With a wide network of partners, we are able to deliver aid practically anywhere in Ukraine.
We focus mainly on increasing the capacity of hospitals and stabilization centers where we deliver better and newer equipment than is currently available in Ukraine. Partners supplied by our humanitarian logistics operate in Odessa, Zaporizhya, Dnipro, Pavlohrad, Pokrovsk, Slavyansk, Izyum, Kramatorsk, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kiev and Zhytomyr. Our volunteers courageously work every day in the field, tracking needs and distributing aid. Side by side with Ukrainians, we became part of a civil society based on the acceptance of personal responsibility for the development and events around us.
The people of Ukraine are forced to sacrifice the ultimate price for our freedom. Thus, we feel obliged to give back to our friends, at least in part, what they have to sacrifice today and every day, and we hope that by our example we will show the way to other people, organizations and institutions that are not indifferent to the future of Europe. By contributing to this collection, you will directly support our volunteers and become part of a project for safer Ukraine and better Europe.
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