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We are changing the environment of schools so that the time spent in them is effective, creative and joyful for children, parents and teachers. We are working to make learning meaningful and also full of fun. WHO WE ARE: a non-profit organization that helps to implement modern pedagogical practices in kindergartens and primary schools; institution accredited by the Ministry of Education, Teenagers and Sports for professional development of teachers; the only owner of a license and rights to the Step by Step® program in the Czech Republic and member of the International Step by Step Association (ISSA). WHAT ARE WE DOING: we expand and develop the educational program Step by Step in the Czech Republic in Kindergarten and Primary School, we educate teachers and support them in their professional development; we develop an inclusive environment in Czech schools; we reinforce cooperation on the level of family - school - community; we support collegial cooperation and reciprocal inspiration of teachers thanks to the network of schools Step by Step; we connect with other organizations and universities and together we enter into fundamental discussions and projects concerning the future of Czech education; we mediate the transfer of foreign experience to the Czech educational environment. The Step by Step educational program is an open didactic system that offers quality and comprehensive education based on constructivist pedagogy and respecting the approach to the child. Step by Step is a mainstream education program that is fully according to the requirements of the national curriculum Framework Educational Program for Kindergartens and Primary Schools. It has been implemented in the Czech Republic since 1994. We are part of an international educational network and the quality of pedagogical work in the program is clearly defined by the standards Competent Teacher of the 21st Century: International Professional Quality Framework ISSA.

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