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Support the teachers who inspire others (copy)

Imagine attending school where you are enjoing it. You have the opportunity to choose the activity that you will engage in. You understand what you are learning and what it is for. If you make a mistake, the teachers will explain to you that it's a great way to learn from it and try differently next time. You do not receive grades, but you use self-assessment and together with the teacher you set up a plan where you can move in individual areas. You learn to use critical thinking, take responsibility for your decisions, and know how to deal with problems. You can listen to the others and offer help when someone needs it, and you are aware of, that others will help you.

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But the best to say is the children themselves ...

Step by Step – as children see it

We are one of the few non-profit organizations that offer a comprehensive didactic program for children from preschool age, when the relationship to education is formed.  At this age, more than ever, children need to be encouraged to learn and offer a stimulating environment so that they can reach their full potential.

We have been through more than 350 training events and successful projects, we have trained 10,000 teachers and  there are 250 schools in our network with the Step by Step program. During the COVID crisis, we supported and continue to support distance education and cooperation with families, and we provide online methodological consultations with teachers.

But there are few of us and without financial help we cannot achieve the goals we have set.                                                  Contribute to the work of experienced teachers who inspire others.                                        
Children are our future.

Your contribution will be used for:                                                                                                         
1. costs of teachers from the practise  who help to diffuse the Step by Step program among other teachers (travel expenses, compensation for the time when they cannot be in their teaching)                                                                                                
2. program methodologists consultations  with teachers who use the Step by Step in their own practise                               
3. purchase of software for providing online consultations and webinars                                                     
4. material equipment for establishment of a didactic laboratory


The Step by Step educational program  is an open didactic system that offers quality and comprehensive education based on constructivist pedagogy and respecting the approach to the child. Step by Step is a mainstream education program that is fully according to the requirements of the national curriculum Framework Educational Program for Kindergartens and Primary Schools. It has been implemented in the Czech Republic since 1994. We are part of an international educational network and the quality of pedagogical work in the program is clearly defined by the standards Competent Teacher of the 21st Century: International Professional Quality Framework ISSA.

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