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What was your childhood like? Nice, ordinary, unhappy? Did you feel loved and safe? Did your mom and dad learn you hot to swim, ride a bike, supported your talents? The children and parents we are working with and have been helping for 19 years are often not so lucky. It is difficult to pass on love, security and borders, when you did not experience them yourself as a child. The mothers and fathers we are working with often spent their childhood and adolescence in orphanages, were abused, neglected, or witnessed violence. In the Czech Republic, almost 7,000 children grow up in institutions. Children are often taken from biological families because parents have no idea how to take care of their children properly, do not have stable housing or are in financial distress. We want to change that. We believe that the way out of the vicious circle is the help of an experienced parent to the less experienced one, field work and quality psychotherapy. In the same way, we teach parents how to draw up a functional budget, we support them in their competencies or we also advise them how to play with their children in the ordinary way. We help professionally, with respect and love. HOST. "We accompany children and parents on their journey to joy, love and happiness."

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