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Can you imagine a world full of children's laughter and happy parents? It's about a functional family and a safe home environment. Every child should experience happiness, love and joy in their family. Most of our parents have not experienced a functional family. They don't know what such a family should look like, often just copying their own experiences of childhood and adolescence spent in orphanages, being abused, neglected or witnessing domestic violence. Last year we helped 227 families and 392 children. Most clients come to us in serious situations where the child is no longer at risk of being able to remain with the family. Our volunteer mothers and outreach workers go directly to the families on a long-term basis and help them deal with normal daily activities - helping with the family budget, worrying about infants, how to play with the children on a regular basis, and how to reconcile a functional family. The cornerstone of the cooperation is helping the less experienced parent to break the vicious circle of "unhappy parent - unhappy child". In the Czech Republic, almost 7,000 children are still growing up in institutions. Often children are removed from their biological families because the parents have no idea how to take care of the children properly, do not have stable housing or are in financial distress. It would be good to change this. We think it is better than cursing the darkness to light a candle. Help parents find their way back to their children. We have been helping professionally, respectfully and lovingly for 19 years. HOST. "We guide children and parents on their journey to joy, love and happiness."

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