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Chalk for every family

In our work we fulfill the mission "Every child should experience happiness, love and joy in their family. We enter families, who are looking for a way to achieve this. Through volunteer and professional work, we promote healthy relationships and the creation of a safe family environment." We are guided and united by the values of humanity - professionalism - creativity. We want to live up to our values in this challenge as well:) If you want to know more about our organization, we would be happy to see you on our website where you can find everything about us.

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A lot of moms and dads before Children's Day with enthusiasm and joy buy toys for their children and think of what to surprise their little ones with. But for many other mums and dads, this day is a source of great stress, as they often cannot afford to please their child with anything material. 

And then children often experience sadness and disappointment instead of looking forward to this day. We don't have the finances to compensate for everything that is missing in our client families , but we know that you really can make children smile with very little. Let's buy chalk together, ordinary sidewalk chalk that can be a lot of fun. Chalk for every client family, get the whole family outdoors, parents can find a moment to create their colorful sidewalk dream world with their kids. And having time to play with the kids is the most!

We would love to purchase chalk for our 401 child clients so they can have a little fun on kids day:) We all only have one childhood, let's make those who weren't so lucky in life happy. 

Better childhood, better world!

Thank you. 
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