Dům Ronalda McDonalda, nadační fond

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The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Foundation is part of the worldwide network of charitable organizations. In the Czech Republic, it has been operating since 2002. The foundation provides long-term assistance to chronically ill children and their families, enabling them to stay together during hospitalization. We believe that the most important medicine for a hospitalized child is having their family close by throughout their illness. Therefore, RMHC builds and operates houses and family rooms near children's hospitals, serving as facilities and temporary homes for families of seriously ill children who do not live within reach of hospitals. There are currently more than 380 of these facilities worldwide, with more being constructed. In the Czech Republic, the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation built and opened its first Ronald McDonald House in November 2022. Located on the premises of the Motol University Hospital, the house provides free and comfortable accommodation with all necessary amenities to ensure the well-being of up to 21 families simultaneously. Approximately 250 families are accommodated each year. Our goal is not only to sustain the long-term operation of the House in Prague but also to build another House in a different Czech city in the future.

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