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Interior equipment and facilities for the Ronald McDonald House at Motol Hospital

As part of this year's Giving Tuesday 2020 Generosity Day, help us raise the missing money for interior equipment of the Ronald McDonald House facility, which will serve the families of long-term hospitalized children at the University Hospital in Motol. Covid-19 has stopped most of our income, but we do not want to postpone the construction - seriously ill children and their families have been waiting for it for a long time and now we are right at the gates of its start. Thank you for not leaving us!

we started on 2020-11-27

Help arrange a house for families of seriously ill children!

For parents who are going through the worst test - let's give them a comfortable and peacefull place to stay so they can gather all the necessary strength!

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The mission of the Ronald McDonald House Charity is to help families who are facing one of the greatest life trials, such as a serious or even life-threatening illness of a child. In such cases, the child often has to be hospitalized for a very long time. For a family that does not live within reach of the most suitable hospital for treatment, there is a critical situation of staying close to a small patient and at the same time staying together with other family members, especially other children. We know that the close presence of the family and the resulting better mental well-being of all members has a strong positive effect on the child's healing. And we can do it!
That is why we are going to build the first Czech Ronald McDonald House, which will offer these families free and comfortable accommodation in the area of ​​the Motol hospital for the entire period of treatment of their child. Construction will begin in early 2021, following year we want to open the door to those who need it. We already have almost all the necessary finances for the construction together, but we still need to nicely furnish and equip the house so that families feel as comfortable as possible.
Thank you for helping us with this! So that we can "keep families close" ❤️
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