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NePornu offers free help to people addicited to pornography. To ensure a smooth start of 2024, we need to raise about half a million Czech crowns. Join us and our efforts with your financial gift, and also don't forget to share this collection with your friends! 
Project NePornu has been helping people addicted to pornography since 2018. Since then, more than 2500 clients have asked us for help, we've started a number of local support groups, and created prevention programs for schools. 

However, the project keeps on growing. In 2024, we plan to expand our team to be able to raise awareness more efficiently and to help even more people. We plan for example to develop our regional work, to train new lecturers, or to create new online courses. 

o ensure a smooth start of 2024, we need to raise about 1/3 of our budget for next year, which will be about 3.5 million CZK (about 150,000 USD). We have already raised part of this, and more regular donations are still on their way, but we still lack about 500,000 CZK.

Therefore, I will be grateful if you join this Christamas challenge and support NePornu with your donation! 
But also don't forget to share this collection with your friends! 
NePornu, z. s.
Our goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of pornography, which has negative influence on our health, our relationships, and our society, and to help (especially through e-coaching) those who are struggling with addictive behavior connected with watching pornography.
Project NePornu has been helping people addticted to porn and their partners since 2018.

You can check out our work at the website (in Czech).

How do we help?

Every year, we try to improve and expand our services for our clients. At this time, there are these types of help: 
  1. E-coaching, that is helping people through e-mail communication  
    → between 2018 and 2023, more than 2500 client contacted us for help 
    → at the end of 2023, we have over 40 volunteers 
  2. Support groups, local and online 
    → at the end of 2023, we have 8 active support groups, from which 3 take place online 
    → online groups are for men, women, and partners  
  3. Online forum for annonymous diaries 
    → at the end of 2023, we have over 250 active users  
  4. Discord, where users can support one another 
    → at the end of 2023, we have over 200 active users 
  5. Online courses 
    → between 2018 and 2023, more than 4500 people signed up for our online courses 
  6. Prevention programs at schools, from 4th grade till the end of high school
    → we started working on prevention programs during the school year 2022/23, whereas we have received very positive feedback from the pupils, teachers, and prevention experts 
    → just during the school year 2022/23, we went to 64 different classes, which is about 1100 pupils
  7. Education seminars for couples, parents, teachers, church leaders, etc. 

Plan for 2024

We want to continue in our efforts, and so we have set up these goals for 2024:

Budget for 2024

Total budget for 2024 is about 3,500,000 CZK (150,000 USD).

This covers salaries, education and supervision of our e-coaches, online promotion to raise awareness, and other expenses (e.g. renting the office, accounting, etc.).

Fundraising plan:
  • 1,000,000 CZK from regular donors (at this moment, people commited to donate about 700,000 CZK)
  • 1,500,000 CZK on one-time donors 
  • 1,000,000 CZK from larger donors (please contact us at 
  • 100,000 CZK from our budget for 2023 
If you want to read our annual report or wish to receive regular quarterly newsletters, please go to our website here (in English).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at info(at) 

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