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Prevention of porn addiction at schools 2022/23

Children are exposed to pornography for the first time on average at the age of 11, whereas very often they have no information on the dangers connected with watching porn. With your donate, you will help us create prevention programs for schools about this subject.

we started on 2022-06-28

Support prevention at schools

With you donation you will support the prevention of porn addiction at schools.
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As part of the NePornu ministry, we often meet people who regularly consume pornography from the age of 11 to 12, which is confirmed by research which says that the average age of a child's first exposure to porn is 11. Nowadays, we also meet people who regularly consume pornographic content since the age of 6.

Children encounter porn without being informed about the risks associated with its consumption. And this is what we want to change through NePornu! And you can be part of this :) 

Our goals for school yeat 2022/2023:
  • create 3 prevention programs for schools, including methodology
  • test these programs at selected schools
  • train new lecturers
  • translate Guidebook for Professionals to the Good Pictures, Bad Pictures book
Here is a detailed desciption of what is ahead of us:

Prevention programs

Already in 2019, we came up with the vision to create "open-source" prevention programs for school, so that other organizations might use them as well. We started working on a program for kids ages 14-15 together with Škola života (KAM) and Acetem. But then Covid hit and the work stopped for two years.

This spring, we finally got the chance to test this program at two schools! At one school, it was taught by our e-couch Kristýna, who works there as a school psychologist. And then Pete taught it together with Vítek, also our e-coach, at another school, whereas the responses were ovewhelmingly positive!

The program for kids ages 14-15 is basically ready, and it only requires a little bit of tuning. Furthermore, we would like to create a prevention program for kids ages 12-13. And if everything goes well, we should also create one for kids ages 10-11, which is the average age of first exposure. 

Our e-coach Matěj will be responsible for creating these prevention programs. He will also go through an extensive course on how to be a great lecturer and will build three teams to work on these programs. The team members will be experience lecturers from various organizations. The result will be a creation of three prevention programs with methodology. 

Testing it at schools

To create a program is one thing, but there is also the need to test it at schools, so that it would really connect with the students. So taking it to schools, testing it, getting feedback from students and teachers - all of this is also part of the process. It takes approximately 6 months to create a program, and another six months to test it and tune it before we get the final version. 

However, schools already contact us for help, because they are interested in these programs. When we teach seminars, people ask us whether we plan to take this to schools. So people realize it is a big issue.

For example, we got contacted by a school methodologist because there was a case at her school where one kid brought porn to school at the age of 9. And it was a big issue in the class. So althogh porn is a problem mostly for kids 11+, sometimes it starts to be a problem even sooner. And schools are looking for help. 

Training new lecturers 

For everything to run smoothly, NePornu will be also responsible for traning new lecturers, so that they would be qualified to take this topic to schools. We also count on cooperation with other organizations and their lecturers in the Czech Republic to take this topic to schools. Our capacity is limited, and so together we will have even greater impact and reach even more kids. .

In any case, the result of our year-long endevor, besides creating and testing of the three prevention programs, will be a training of new lecturers who will then take these programs to schools where they already teach. We should also mention that several lecturers have already expressed their interest in this topic, and so we are reactiong to their needs.  

Guidebook for Professionals

Maybe you've noticed that in June 2022 we published books for kids - Good Pictures, Bad Pictures in Czech. We have a version for kids ages 3-6 and 7-11 let. And the author of these books published Guidebook for Professionals as well. This book is a great tool for therapists and teachers working with kids. And that is why we want to translate it as part of this project as well.

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Today we received 125 000 CZK from Erasmus+ grant that we work on in cooperation with Tlakový Hrniec in Slovakia. 

Last week, we were in Slovakia where we worked on a prevention program for 6th and 7th graders, but also for high schools. At this point, it looks like we should be well prepared for the coming school year :) 

Updating the prevention program for 8th and 9th grade took a bit longer, but we finally have a final version! And now, we've started slowly working on 6th and 7th grade, and after New Year's Day, we will start slowly working on 4th and 5th grade. So far, it seems that we should have everything finished and tested by the end of June of 2023. 

This project was supported by a one-time gift of 20,000 CZK by the Credo Foundation. 

We have been working for some time now with a organization in Slovakia calledTlakový hrniec. This organization just receive an Erasmus+ grant from European Union, whereas part of this grant will be a surway among teenagers and parents, and creation of prevention programs and other materials for kids and parents. As a partner organization, we've receive a part of this grant, which will help us create our prevention programs as well. At this moment, we've receive about 113,000 CZK (4,750 Euro). 

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Toto je moc důležité! Začal jsem s pornem právě na ZŠ asi v 6-7 třídě a dnes je mi 28 a nemůžu se toho zbavit doteď. Když se to dětem vysvětlí zavčas ty rizika a dopady, spoustu z nich to může odradit! Držím všechny 4 palce!

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