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40 ahead of me? It must be celebrated!

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Dear donors, thank you! Thank you - video (its first part) you will find in the Section News. If you did not manage to donate, you can do so directly to the High School Project here. Each Crown brings us closer to change - to fulfill the dream of children in Kashitu after an available secondary education. Thank you and peaceful Advent! 

--- Birthday Call ---

I will be 40 on November 10th and I say to myself that I have to celebrate properly!

When I was little and younger, I played the piano and painted pictures. And I wished various birthday presents.

Today, I wish something else: to support the construction of a high school in Kashitu in Zambia – together with a NGO The Friends of New Renato Association and a team of students from Czech Technical University in Prague. And for the birthday, I decided to organize a donor call for this school.

Why? Because people and children are kind in Kashitu. Because the local NGO New Renato Community Society works hard and with its absolutely super activities raises the living standards of 18,000 local people. Because they built 2 kindergartens and 2 elementary schools. And because the high school will fulfill the dreams of local children after their own profession. 

Help me to raise CZK 40,000 for the high school in Kashitu for each of my years and send me a birthday present. 

Thank you all! 

With your help, I will support a high school in Kashitu, which will be built by the locals themselves under the leadership of Czech builders. For 2,968 pupils from seven local primary schools, secondary education will be catchable finnaly (the nearest secondary school is 40 km away and most people can not afford to pay accomodation at a boarding school). 

Within the secondary school, there will also be an apprenticeship of metal production, carpentry and cooking. Simply a proper school!

More information about the high school in Kashitu and the Zambian NGO in the flap About project or here

Thank you all for your generosity and a beautiful birthday present!

You can follow the news for this call as well as pictures from my visit of Kashitu and Zambia in 2018 in the flap News.
Friends of New Renato Association website:

CZK 40,000 overcome, thank you! The challenge ends on December 4, let's get this higher!


And since I didn't have time to write more from the journey to Zambia and Kashitu, here is at least a photo report:

Presentation of the project to the "deputy" at the provincial branch of the Ministry of Education of Zambia

Introducing the project to the head of the local organization

Handing over donations from Czech donors

Distribution of 180 glasses

Visiting schools and kindergartens in Kashitu

A visit of high schools in the nearest town of Kapiri Mposhi, 40 km away

Finding out the construction techniques of local people

Beekeeping project manual -  let us make everything from A to Z

And I also taught the local deaf and hard of hearing sign language! :-)

People in Kashitu

The people in Kashitu are very nice. With children, we played football, dominoes made by Monika, but above all they danced and drummed - and how! I was also invited to dance. Well, I got away with it! :-D 

Arrival in Kashitu

In the capital Lusaka, we have already visited two local building wholesalers (something like our OBI or Hornbach) together with Joseph Kafwembe to find out what we can build the school from. Joseph gave us a better idea there: We would rather buy in Tanzania, where it is cheaper and closer to Kashitu than to the capital Lusaka. That's the header!

Then we took a bus for 4.5 hours to Kapiri Mposhi. Here we bought groceries in a supermarket and drove 40 km to Kashitu. The car was small, so we were in it with all the goods like sardines! :-D

Here I have a tray of eggs in my hands. The road, with the holes and from it to the center of the New Renato Community Society, was just clay, full of potholes!

Arrival in Zambia and visit to the Czech Embassy

I visited Zambie in summer 2018. With the chairwoman of the Friends of New Renato and a civil engineer of Kashitu High School, we came to present the proposal for this future high school to the Czech Embassy, ​​the Zambia Ministry of Education and of course the non-profit organization New Renato Community Society in Kashitu which will administer the school after construction. But there were many more goals (report on this trip here).

We arrived in mid-July - and we were cold! 14 - 16 * C, cold wind blowing. Zambia woke up from the winter (on the other side of the globe, the seasons are the other way around). We packed what we had, including a scarf and sweatshirt, so the planned holiday clothes for the visit to the Czech embassy did not take place. Fortunately, nothing happened. The deputy ambassador also had jeans. As he said, in the winter, it takes time for the old house to warm up, so he works there like this, in a sweater.

The presentation of the project took place in Czech. There was also an engineer, a native Zambian, who, careful, understood us! He worked in Slovakia for 10 years! 😊 They listened to what projects New Renato in Kashito was doing with what impact. And they were surprised. They liked the design of our school. The first big visit is fulfilled! 

My basic vocabulary in Bemba language: 

Half the amount in a week!
Dear friends,
almost half the amount collected in a week! Thank you!
I believe that I will achieve the goal for the next week thanks to the generosity of you, other donors!
Thank you!

First birthday celebrtation in the dark!

Yesterday I celebrated a birthday for the first time in the dark! It's a bunch of people with whom I run in Prague 8. I have a flashlight with me, which has a luminosity of up to 1000 lumens (maybe 1200), a wider and longer range, which I won't even take, but it will definitely make me light so that I can even run in the dark. 🙂

Thank you very much to the nice party that they don't mind and what's more, when I went to the cross-country camp with them, they spoke into the microphone in the restaurant, they calmly repeated it and we played games like this. Just nice people!

Narozky celebrated with me after running. We had a shot and a strudel. To see this, one took the flashlight and it shone on me. 🙂 Sometimes I didn't know who was talking to me, so they told me. 🙂 They gave me presents, flowers and contributed to my challenge - the construction of a high school in Kashit.

THANK YOU very much, dear runners !!! And to the photo author Simona, one of the runners! ❤️❤️❤️

From the website of Friends of New Renato, with which we are building the high school in Kashitu:
Primary school principals in Kashitu: Children from NRCS kindergartens are better prepared
More in the article here:, where you will also find out how many schools and kindergartens are managed by the local non-profit New Renato Community Society, how many children go to them, etc. These primary and kindergarten communities were built by the community itself, with the help of foreign partners from Italy, Germany and the UK.

3rd birthday
Can you see the kit in the back? y niece is playing with that nowadays. :-D. And beware: this is one of first color photo!

My 1st birthday celebration :-) 

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Přátelé New Renato, z.s.
Seven elementary schools in Kashitu, 2,968 pupils and the nearest high school 40 km away. At the beginning of its existence, the local non-profit New Renato Community Society made education a priority for raising living standards in the area. Thanks to the obtained grants, cooperation with non-profit organizations from Germany, Great Britain and Italy, they built 2 kindergartens and 2 primary community schools on their own. However, gifted students usually do not get to high school. Their parents cannot afford to pay for transport and accommodation to a school tens of kilometers away. COME CHANGE IT WITH US!

What Will Our High School Be Like? 

  • a secondary school with a vocational school (woodwork, metalwork, cooking) for 250 students 
  • open gate system: several wealthy students will pay tuition to a local student 
Facilities (based on site visit and consultation with local authorities):
  • 6 classrooms +  3 laboratory classrooms 
  • offices, staff rooms, meeting room
  • sleeping accommodation for boys and girls
  • houses for 16 teachers, a house for the porter and the caretaker
  • 2 houses for volunteers
  • doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, sick bay
  • dining room and kitchen 
  • toilets
The Project Includes:
  • construction from the foundations to the roof 
  • drinking water supply system
  • waste water treatment
  • ventilation system
  • acoustics optimalisation
  • sufficient lighting using daylight

How Do We Build the School?

  • with maximum of involvement and self-help on the part of the locals - they will build it under the leadership of the Czech builders 

Who Will Manage the High School after the Position? 

  • the local experienced non-profit organization New Renato Community Society 
The functioning local community is the basis for the meaningfulness of a long-term sustainable project - ensuring the existence and administration of the high school after its establishment.

Our vision is to build a self-operating high school in Kashitu by 2028

Build with us! Contribute one-off or regularly and turn children's dreams after their own profession into reality! 

More about the project in the PRESENTATION here

Bůh pomáhej a přeji požehnáný advent.

Jan Rybka
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Děkuji, nápodobně!

Marta Höferová
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