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High School in Kashitu

Seven elementary schools in Kashitu, 2,968 pupils and the nearest high school 40 km away. At the beginning of its existence, the local non-profit New Renato Community Society made education a priority for raising living standards in the area. Thanks to the obtained grants, cooperation with non-profit organizations from Germany, Great Britain and Italy, they built 2 kindergartens and 2 primary community schools on their own. However, gifted students usually do not get to high school. Their parents cannot afford to pay for transport and accommodation to a school tens of kilometers away. COME CHANGE IT WITH US!

I want to build with you and change the future of the children in Kashitu!


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What Will Our High School Be Like? 

  • A secondary school with a vocational school (woodwork, metalwork, cooking) for 250 students 
  • Open Gate system: several wealthy students will pay tuition to a local student 
Facilities (based on site visit and consultation with local authorities):
  • 6 classrooms and  3 laboratory classrooms 
  • Offices, staff rooms, meeting room
  • Dormitories for boys and girls
  • Houses for 16 teachers, for the porter and the caretaker
  • 2 houses for volunteers
  • Doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, sick bay
  • Dining room and kitchen 
  • Chapel and library
Construction from the foundations to the roof 

Drinking water supply system and waste water treatment

Natural ventilation

Quality daylight and pleasant acoustics of buildings

How Do We Build the School?

  • With maximum of involvement and self-help on the part of the locals - they will build it under the leadership of the Czech builders 
  •  Unburnt bricks as main construction material have a long tradition in Zambia

Who Will Manage the High School after the Position? 

  • The local experienced non-profit organization New Renato Community Society 
The functioning local community is the basis for the meaningfulness of a long-term sustainable project - ensuring the existence and administration of the high school after its establishment.

Our vision is to build a self-operating high school in Kashitu by 2028

Build with us! Contribute one-off or regularly and turn children's dreams after their own profession into reality! 

More about the project on a special website here.
You can follow the news on our website
here. Currently there you will find a report from a journey to Zambia of two our engineers to secure further steps to start the construction.  


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