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This campaign is already closed. Thank you!
Thank you! Challenge is not over and we keep going until the end of the year!
We just finished two new Happy Hearts schools in Nepal. In order for children to come back to schools, we need to equip the classrooms with boards, desks and textbooks. Will you help me?
"Thank you for your willingness to help." - Petra Němcová, founder of Happy Hearts Fund
Happy Hearts Fund rebuilds safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. We work during the gap period when children are forgotten after emergency response is complete, bringing hope and empowerment to generations of children and entire communities. To date, Happy Hearts Fund has rebuilt 165 schools, serving 100,100 children and impacting 618,000 community members in 10 countries around the world. Learn more about HHF Thank you.

Thank you for all of your donations. Challenge is not over and we decided to continue until the end of the year!

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Nadační fond Happy Hearts
Happy Hearts Fund rebuilds safe, resilient schools in areas affected by natural disasters. American All Hands and Hearts, co-founded by Petra Nemcova is an exclusive partner of Happy Hearts. Through schools, we bring hope and support to the generations of children and to all communities. To date, we have built 344 schools in 26 countries, serving more than 121,000+ children. Account number 279766379/0300, IBAN CZ6703000000000279766379, SWIFT (BIC) CEKOCZPP.
We are an organization that helps where there is a lack of education and infrastructure as a result of a natural disaster. We restore hope and opportunities for a better future to children who have lost it.

Our schools are not only places of education for children, but also community centers where local people can come together and find support. Happy Hearts schools are also safe havens for the community from other natural disasters.

Your support can change the lives of many children for the better through education.

Start supporting our projects today and help improve living conditions in the places where it is needed most.

For donation of 1,000 EUR we will return one child back in school.

We will issue a receipt for the donation for tax deduction purposes.
Every donation counts and will bring more children closer to achieving their dream of returning to school.



Education is hope for a better future. Our mission is to build schools in areas affected by natural disasters. We only help to the extent that the affected communities can not help themselves. From each €100 donation €95 goes to the affected communities.

Thank you for your amazing support,

Karolína Bosáková
CEO & co-founder of Happy Hearts Czech 

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