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Old age is as fragile as a Christmas ornament

Sometimes it takes just one unwary movement, a little health problem, and the world of an old man or a woman breaks into pieces. That is why we have launched the Christmas campaign for the frailest old people. Please join the good hearts who donate for Danuše and other senior people. Each of your crowns will be converted into a respectful and kind care, so much needed by these people. ❤️

we started on 2022-11-15

Old age is as fragile as a Christmas ornament

Thank you for your genorous help. 

This campaign is already closed. Thank you!
Please join the good hearts that donate help for Mrs. Danuša and other seniors. We collect for a dignified old age. ❤️

  • For personal assistance - helping the elderly at home
  • For dignified accompaniment at the very end of life
  • For free counseling for seniors and their loved ones throughout the Czech Republic
  • For the rehabilitation that old people need so much
  • For activation so that they can continue to do what they used to like 🔽 🔽 🔽
 „We, me and the other old people who need the Sue Ryder home, resemble the ill or wounded birds I once cared for at my home. We are having power to fly only if there is someone by our side. And that is the reason I am here. I am missing my home but I also know that we need help with almost everything and here I am not abandoned in my ageing. Moreover everybody here attends to my wishes in my remaining time." Mrs. Danuše (95 years), Sue Ryder client
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous help. ❤️

Monika Havlová
Donor care
Mobile: +420 775 429 446

About Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder is a Czech non-profit organization that has been helping seniors and their loved ones since 1998 when old age begins to bring worries. Care is based on an individual approach and the principle of person-centered care. It is also a pioneer in introducing palliative care into homes for the elderly. What services does it provide?

Free counseling throughout the Czech Republic ● On-line portal ● Rental of compensatory aids ● Personal assistance ● Residential care in a home for the elderly ● Palliative care

Sue Ryder also works to propose changes in legislation that will lead to better care for the elderly in our country. Shares experiences with students, other organizations and professionals. He strives for everyone in the Czech Republic to be able to grow old with dignity.

Helping the elderly and their loved ones is only possible thanks to the support of donors.

PS: The Portal uses 2% of each gift to cover operational costs, bank charges, call services, IT support and book keeping services.

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