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Marathon Alley

Over 7 thousand runners and nature lovers have already supported the planting of 3.4 thousand trees and shrubs. If we put all these trees in a row with 10 meter spacing, it would create a symbolic 34.6 kilometers long alley. We are missing 755 trees to reach the Marathon distance. Help us plant these trees!

Thank you for your decision to donate to trees

Thanks to your gift, one tree will grow. A tree that will serve to runners, cyclists, pedestrians and all of us who appreciate its shadow. We need it more than ever at a time of climate change.

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We celebrate 100 years since the birth of the greatest Czech runner Emil Zátopek and 70 years since his triple gold performance at the Olympics in Helsinki, where he won the Olympic marathon gold for the first time in his life. We would like to give Emil Zátopek and all the runners of the world a gift and complete the symbolic Marathon Alley, which will consist of 4,220 trees supported by runners and nature lovers from all continents. We lack 755 trees to meet the goal.

Help us raise funds for these trees at
RunCzech races in 2023 or directly contribute to our donor collection and donate.

When planted trees grow, they will greatly contribute to cleaner air, which will benefit not only runners, but all of us - cyclists, skaters and pedestrians.


In 2005, Miroslav Kundrata, then director of the Partnership Foundation, and Carlo Capalbo, director of the Prague International Marathon (now RunCzech), began working on the concept of "tree runners". Marathon runners and other runners who help nature.

Since then, RunCzech has been involved in supporting a number of other voluntary activities, but cooperation with the Partnership Foundation remains the longest and most stable.

From the beginning we managed to: 
  • Plant 3,465 trees and shrubs,
  • thanks to the support of more than 7,000 runners,
  • at more than 60 places throughout the Czech Republic.
If we put all these trees in a row with 10 meter spacing, it would create a symbolic alley 34.6 kilometers long. Each of these trees serves runners, cyclists, hikers and all of us.
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