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Now we have to buy a car

In Tanzania, when a child is sent to a boarding secondary school, not only notebooks and clothes, but also a huge bag of rice, a mattress, a hoe and an iron lock box must go with him. It is still possible to accompany one of the orphans in this way, but we are already sending 10 children to boarding school and more are coming. Getting a car is simply unavoidable.

Now we have to buy a car

We need to buy a car to send 10 children to school with everything they need. Renting is not economical
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In nearly 15 years of working "Bez mámy"  in Tanzania, our project has never owned a car. We looked for the most economical ways and used local transport as much as possible, or rented a car for long trips to schools.

But times have changed. We have added schools to our school aid project, and we have invited more orphans to our project. Children are growing up and there are logistical complications in placing them in schools: try to imagine transferring at least 10 children each year to secondary school with everything they need. In addition to notebooks, clothes, and often even bags of rice or beans, the freshmen carry a mattress, hoe, bucket, iron lock box, etc.

In addition to the children at the Center, we care for 15 other children in the Mahango area (15 more outside Mahango). It is no longer in our power to bring 10 hardcover notebooks, 5 litres of oil and 4 kg of sugar to each one by bus. As our aid projects grow, there are more 80 Eur for one day) and has strict and often nonsensical rules (it is not rented for 24 hours, but only for the time from morning to evening, the car must be washed, and if any breakdown happens, the renter pays for it). Especially on our way to school in Galula, something happens to the car every year.

If we use the car once a week, it will be worth buying in just one year. In addition, it will allow us to bring cheaper produce from the markets and we will save money on transporting other purchases from the city (equipment, seedlings, hygiene and school supplies, etc.).

This is how we have delivered mattresses in the past with a borrowed car.

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