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Joy For Schools in Africa

In an African school there are even 100 children in one class. The classroom has no windows and no ceiling, and the children are subjected to wind and rain, or under the low roof is very hot. Five pupils are crammed into a desk for three and the teacher has no chair at all. Most schools do not cook, so the children are hungry during the long lessons and also usually have nothing to drink. Schools struggle with both drinking and utility water, too. There is a lack of teachers, textbooks and supplies, and the teaching is strict and uninspiring, yet children love going to school. It's better than working all day in the farms. Let's help improve conditions in African schools.

we started on 2022-06-28

Joy for schools

One hounred pupils in a classroom is crazy enough, but the African ones get six months of wind or rain on their necks and six months of hot weather. They're hungry and there's no water running in school. Teachers are scarce and so are textbooks. Let's change that!
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Bez mámy NGO in 2023 supported 16 rural Tanzanian schools. Some of these schools have established partnerships with our donor, but others we try to help with at least smaller donations.
The optimal amount of annual support that brings a more visible effect is 2130Eur (50 000 CZK) per year, but not every partnership brings that. For 2130Eur (50000 CZK) we can finish the interiors of two new classrooms including windows and doors or renovate the school kitchen and pay the annual salary of two cooks.

To achieve this kind of effective support for all our schools, we need not only new partnerships, but other donors who find education for poor children in Africa meaningful.

What does it cost approximately:
1 window - 170 E
1 door - 130 E
1 desk -  63 E (for 3-4 pupils - primary school)
1 desk -  36 E (for 1 student - secondary school)
blackboard - 170 E
cabinet - 220 E
ceiling - 650 E
plaster, flooring - 2130 E
roof (metal sheets + wood) - 2130 E
rough construction (foundations, walls) - 4260 E
whole classroom (equipped): 10 650 E
well: 3000 - 10 650 E
rainwater tank: 900 - 1300 E
solar panel (everything to operate): 650 - 800 E
toilets (10 cells): 8500 E
cook's salary: 300 E/year
Football field, equipment for the game: 810 E
textbooks: 4 - 8 E/pc

We are looking for schools:
  • Azimio
  • Malamba
  • Motomoto
  • Iduya
  • Jakaya
  • Nsongwa
Let's help improve conditions in an African school.
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Emanuela Humplík Pinto
CZK 2,500

Krasny a pohodovy rok 2023

Radka Hojna
CZK 3,000

Vzdělání je důležité 😉

Marcela Mackova
CZK 1,000