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Let´s build Nina Hustedova´s retirement home – Let´s fulfill her dream!

Nina was the most wonderful person in the world. She did good every day, listened to everyone, helped, supported, and tried to find only the best in each person she met. She will continue to inspire the people around her and help make the world a better place. Step by Step. Person by Person. Sadly, her life was taken on Friday, November 6th 2020 in Prague, and we lost forever her kindness and immense compassion. Nina’s family have therefore decided to start a collection in her name with our support, so that she can continue to help others. Her life dream was to build a retirement home with a kindergarten, and we will do everything we can to make this dream come true. Your help is needed to achieve her dream. All donations here will be passed on to a Foundation in Nina’s name.

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The Husted family would like to fulfill Nina's dream, which they think best describes what great a person she was. When the grandmother of Nina died in Denmark, she and her sister Anna worked over the summer helping in the local retirement home. Nina was very impressed by the kindness, care, love, and opportunity for the elderly to have a decent life in the facility and wanted to build a retirement home that would operate on a similar principle in their home country of Czech Republic. Unfortunately, Nina left us forever, so this dream cannot be fulfilled with her. But it can be fulfilled for her.
Nina's family together with closest friends would like to build such a family retirement home, bearing her name, where everyone will find understanding and love, where there will always be things to do and where everyone will find their place and dignity. If this project succeeds, the home would be shared with a kindergarten so that different generations can meet each other regularly. This would make Nina's dream come true. This dream describes in the best way what Nina was like. It is a dream that the family want to spread as much as possible among as many people as possible.

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On the 12th November, Rotary launched an appeal to collect funds on behalf of the foundation being set up by the Husted family for the purpose of fulfilling the dreams of Nina Husted who lost her life in tragic circumstances on the 6th November. On the first day of the campaign launch a large donation of CZK 10m was pledged by an individual on this page. The person making the pledge confirmed thereafter to the team that the pledged donation would be made by a bank transfer through Unfortunately to date the pledged donation has not been received and on 24.11.2020 have had this amount removed from the cumulative total of funds received to date. We are of course disappointed that this donation did not materialise, we are nevertheless very pleased with the results of this campaign which have raised over CZK 4m to date.
The Husted family are presently in the process of establishing the foundation fund (nadační fond) and forming the concept of the project, together with external advisors and experts. You can follow the development of the project via their Facebook page ´Ninin sen´ through the following link:

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příspěvek na Projekt NINA,moc držím palce,ať se realizace povede,úžasná myšlenka

Eva Veldová
CZK 500

Pro Kačku k narozeninám

Ludmila Fictumová

V tomto domově bych chtěla jednou zestárnout ❤️

Eva Pinďáková
CZK 500

Taky jsem si takový domov důchodců a důchodkyň spojený s dětmi přála. Možná to nemusí být školka, ale třeba rodinné centrum. To by bylo fajn. Držím palce.

Petra Sofie Haken
CZK 300

Ninu jsem znal, a byla úžasná 🙂 a proto moc rád přispěji na splnění snu, který měla 🙂

Aleš Soukup
CZK 500

Ať se sen brzy splní.

Drahu Mikšovská
CZK 300


CZK 500

Obdivuji všechny, kteří za tímto projektem stojí. Ať se dílo podaří a vzpomínka na krásnou Ninu je stále živá.

Martina Canova

Ninu jsem bohužel neznala, ale musela být úžasná.

CZK 300

This project sounds brilliant - a way for people to share their life's experiences with kindy kids will add value to all concerned. Out of tragedy hope and happiness xx

Coreen Auld