Teen Challenge International v ČR

http://www.teenchallenge.cz/ Phone: +420 777 180 549 Email: tcczech@gmail.com

There are more than 1 million people in the Czech Republic who have problems with alcohol, drug use, gambling, also many parents, partners, friends, seeking help for their loved ones. These people need to find effective help that would lead to a major improvement in their personal or family life. Teen Challenge seeks to help these people. In 1994 we opened our first centre for people addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling. We currently operate two centers for men with a total capacity of 40 clients and a center for women with children with a capacity of 5 women with children. As part of prevention we work with children and young people in TCI CR children's centres in Prague and Brno. Thank you for your support and interest. Your gifts will help change lives.

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