Lenka Vagnerová & Company

https://www.lenka-vagnerova.cz Email: info@lenka-vagnerova.cz

The contemporary dance theatre ensemble Lenka Vagnerová & Company was founded in 2012 by choreographer and director Lenka Vagnerová. Thanks to enthusiasm, hard work, and faith in what we do, we have created several original productions which has appealed to a large number of audiences. An ensemble also won many important awards in the Czech Republic and abroad during its existence. Existential questions, themes resonating in society, a game with reality and fantasy are characteristic of the creation of the ensemble. Lenka emphasizes the precision of movement qualities, theatrical situations, the individuality of performers, the strength and dynamics of the group, the search for physical possibilities and movement boundaries of the body. The ensemble also offers professional educational facilities, provides residencies and internships, gives space to new theatrical forms, and connects exceptional artists from various fields.

Current projects