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The Collegium Marianum Foundation was established in 1991 to develop Christian spiritual values and culture, to develop education and science in the arts, to protect the environment and to preserve cultural monuments and traditions. The Foundation's activities focus mainly on supporting artists and students in the field of early music performance and organizing cultural and educational events. Emphasis is placed on educational activities for young musicians (international workshops and master classes) and for children and parents (music, dance and art workshops and music and drama programmes focusing on folk traditions and customs). All the programmes are themed around the relationship with the place where the activities take place, and participants are encouraged to learn about it and respect its history. The Foundation is a co-organiser of numerous cultural events such as the international music festival Summer Festivals of Early Music or the Baroque Evenings series of early music concerts. The Foundation has also long been involved in the field of environmental protection, particularly in the preservation of the landscape, the cultivation of the urban environment and the restoration of traditional horticulture.

Current projects