Pomůžu jak můžu, z.s.

http://www.pomuzujakmuzu.cz Phone: +420 773 004 098 Email: info@pomuzujakmuzu.cz

The main goal of the organisation is to secure, on regular basis, elementary alimentation for maximum possible number of people in extreme need in Sanaa, Yemen. All gained means are used for the project. All people in the Czech Republic in the organisation work for the project on fully voluntary basis. The strongest impuls for foundation of the organisation was the neglected human catastrophy in Yemen and the fact, that we have friends in the centre of it. It is them, who organize the help in place. They buy food, energies, water and they cook for at least a few tens of families. We believe that this kind of help "from one kitchen to another" - albeit thoudsands kilometres away - works. Thank you that you help with us!

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