Let's give beautiful experiences to children in orphanages

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On the occasion of our half-round birthday, we would like to raise money for the organization Dobré víly dětem (Good fairies for kids), which creates great activities for children from orphanages. Children with a troubled fate who are destined to live without their parents.

We would also like to support Eva Krištofová's NeVyhoř project (Dont burn out) focused on the burnout syndrome in helping professions. Eva organizes great
workshops and she teaches techniques to prevent this syndrome. 
The money we raise here will go to the Dobré víly dětem (Good fairies). Some part of it will be used to realize Evas workshop for Dobré víly dětem.
Dobré víly dětem, z.s.
As long as there are 142 children's homes in the Czech Republic, we want each of them to have its own Good Fairy. Join us and support our activities.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a happy childhood.

We cannot influence what children have experienced, but we want them to believe that they can be happy and successful in life.

With regular visits, a personal, friendly approach and individual support, we give children from children's homes the most valuable thing - time, attention and love. We prepare with children for school and help them to develop their independence and self-confidence.

Thank you for being with us. Together we can put a smile on more children's faces. :)