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Destruction of Kachovka dam - Let's help people in the flooded areas of Ukraine.

we started on 2023-06-20
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This campaign is already closed. Thank you!
After destruction of Kachovka dam we are coming with one time Water for All campaign to which all of you can contribute if you consider this call for help appealing to you. Are you also interested in helping to bring drinking water to the people in the flooded areas? 

How we, Epiroc Central Europe and Regional CoE, Prague employees, can help?

-          We can contribute by voluntary financial amount. 
-          Our contribution will be “doubled” by Epiroc.
-          Whole amount will be donated to ADRA which is our NGO charity partner for W4All projects.
-          Campaign is open ONLY for us, Epiroc Central Europe and Regional CoE employees, and will close on July 14th.
-          It is a charity under Water for All umbrella, so benefit will go to the people in need, not to our Ukrainian colleagues.

Thank you for being there for the people in need.

Destruction of Kachovka dam
The flood wave affected both sides of the river Dniepr, flooding more than 80 villages. About 16 000 people need an immediate help, but hundreds of thousands people will be in humanitarian need. The Kachovka dam was 230 km long and 25 km wide with 18 million m3 of water volume. It supplied drinking, but also utility water for south of Ukraine. The dam irrigated a huge area of fields, therefore there is a risk to have deserts instead of fields next year in Cherson area and other close areas.

ADRA, o.p.s.
We are helping people affected by the war in Ukraine. We monitor current events and, in cooperation with ADRA Ukraine and other ADRA offices, we help meet the basic needs of displaced and evacuated people. Would you like to get involved? A financial donation is currently the most effective form of assistance, as the situation and the needs of affected citizens change every moment. Your donations are and will be used to directly help people affected by the conflict. Donations will be used for humanitarian assistance of the affected communities. Thank you for helping with us!
We know what a war looks like. We have witnessed a few up until this day. We also know how drastically it affects lives of ordinary people - women, children, elderly.

Here we are again, ready to get involved again and help the Ukrainian citizens affected by the conflict of war.

We are in touch with ADRA Ukraine and follow the needs of internally displaced and evacuated people. Both in Ukraine and in the countries where Ukrainians seek refuge.

Your donations are the most efficient way to help at the moment.

Thank you for helping people in need with us.

I wish the russian nightmare would end quickly in Ukraine

Jan Szurek
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