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Birthday with the soil

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On March 27th, I will celebrate my 39th birthday. On this occasion, I would like to support good care of our soil. Will you join me?
Soil and care about it are important to me, and I often worry about how we treat it neglectfully. In many places, "dead matter" is slowly accumulating, making it very difficult to grow anything without additional chemicals.

The selected amount will be used to purchase land for organic farmers, thus adding another piece of land that will be managed sustainably and sensitively.

That's why I'm very pleased that the Foundation for Soil is working to improve the quality of soil in our country. The foundation supports small-scale organic farmers by providing access to suitable land for farming. The foundation buys the land and then leases it to farmers under stable and long-term conditions. The foundation entrusts the land only to farmers who farm it in a way that is gentle on the soil, thus protecting it from further degradation.

So I'm celebrating my birthday with soil and the Foundation for Soil. Celebrate with me and contribute to better soil care!

Thank you very much!


Nadace Pro půdu
We envision a pleasant landscape and healthy soil that is a result of the care of local farmers who farm sustainably and organically.
Let’s imagine that, instead of vast fields of colza and corn, the landscape where we live is composed of smaller fields divided by balks... We know the person who farms the land and the food he produced is waiting for us at home for supper. When we look closer, the soil is dark, full of earthworms and smells well. There is no water standing in the fields, the soil is not cracked by sun, we don’t see clouds of dust nor is the soil sprayed by toxic chemical substances. It is simply a beautiful, healthy and pleasant landscape that is a result of the care of local farmers who farm sustainably and organically.   

It is not always easy for organic farmers to access land suitable for farming. In the Foundation For Soil we try to support them by buying the land and renting it to them under stable and long term conditions that result from mutual agreement between the Foundation and the farmer. The Foundation land is entrusted only to sustainable organic farmers and that is how we protect the soil from degradation. 

Support the acquisition of new hectares of land for organic farmers and together with us contribute to a healthy, alive and fertile agricultural soil and thus to a healthier landscape.  

Všechno nejlepší Petro!

Jitka Blažková
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Jan Straka

Happy birthday to Petra and best wishes to the whole team!

Best regards from Serbia.

Zeljko Mitkovski

Držím palce 🤗

Zdenka Šardová

Vše nejlepší Péťo!

Adéla Vojáčková

Péťo, všechno nejlepší a ať se dílo daří. Až budeš mít cestu kolem, dej vědět. Ráda tě zase uvidím.

Katka Čtvrtníková

Hi Petra, good to hear from you. All the best. Dave.

Dave Richardson

Happy Birthday beloved Earth woman!

I wish you and the land you take care of lots of blessings, beauty and joy!

Lots of love,

Elizabeth (komala) Alves De Amorim

Fandím, Peťo, tobě i půdě!


Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám🌹

Markéta Palánová
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