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Save the Food

We search for the ways how not to waste food. _________________________________________________________________ The initiative was founded in 2013. Since then we’ve organized a series of happenings; we travel to the fields to glean; and we fight for using so-called crooked vegetables and fruit - the food that does not make it to the costumers as it is not “pretty” enough.

we started on 2015-04-30

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Why does this matter to us?

- food that is never eaten, grown over an area larger than China, and consumes 20% of the world's fresh water supply,
- organic waste is the largest source of methane emissions, a greenhouse gas 80 times more warming than carbon dioxide,
- the greenhouse gases produced by wasted food are 4 times more than those produced by airlines,
- wasted food could feed 1.26 billion hungry people every year.

Join our regular donors. Any regular donation will enable us to find innovative ways to prevent food waste and live in a world where everyone treats food with respect and love and does not waste.

  • 150 CZK = 10 hot meals rescued and donated (Save Lunch project)
  • 300 CZK = a hot meal for a week for a homeless person (Save Lunch project) 
  • 500 CZK = preparing a new Rescue recipe for our website
  • 2 700 CZK = 100 hot meals rescued and donated (Save Lunch project)
  • 9 000 CZK = regular updates and optimization of the Save Lunch mobile app
  • 35,000 CZK = external legal services for 1 year, enabling us to implement system changes
  • 50 000 CZK = involvement of 2 new canteens in the Save Lunch project

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Everyone can be a food rescuer! Your interest and regular support will enable us to find and promote innovative solutions to use food efficiently and reduce waste.
Together we can make a difference and ensure that food is used to its full potential. Join the food savers now. 

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Ať žádné jídlo neskončí v popelnici

Dana Heryánová
CZK 300

Super nápad.

Jaroslava Vlková
CZK 200

Děkuji za Vaši aktivitu !

CZK 1,000

Ať se daří dobré věci :)

CZK 200

Podporuji Zachraň jídlo, jejich práce dává smysl.

Martin Hrádela

way to go!


alespoň malý příspěvek

Kamila Rubešová
CZK 300

Ať se dílo daří :-)

Tomáš Komenda
CZK 200

Moje dcera se zapojuje do všech aktivit, které pomáhají chránit naší planetu, třídíme, nakupujeme bezobalově, snižujeme uhlíkovou stopu a tak mě přesvědčila, abych přispěl na další dobrou věc:-)

Václav Kůs
CZK 100

Eva Zákoucká