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We search for the ways how not to waste food. _________________________________________________________________ The initiative was founded in 2013. Since then we’ve organized a series of happenings; we travel to the fields to glean; and we fight for using so-called crooked vegetables and fruit - the food that does not make it to the costumers as it is not “pretty” enough.

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And why do we do this together with you?

⅓ of all the food produced in the world is thrown away or depreciated. Concerning Europe, there are 96-115 kilos of thrown-away food per a person; this food could be consumed.  

By throwing food away we also lose the energy invested to harvesting it; water; uselessly applied fertilisers; and human work. Greenhouse gases released during food production (and its throwing away) make a bigger volume than the gases released by transportation.

Since 2013 we’ve been building a community of savers, i.e. eager supporters and volunteers. Together with them we’ve been searching for a solution: how to reduce the amount of food waste. At the same time we strive to change the minds of consumers and we connect the participants in the food chain who are mostly affected by the issue of wasting food.

Our vision is a society that deals with the food responsibly. 

Do you want to fight against wasting food at full stretch? 

Join us and become a member of the Savers’ Circle. Thanks to your regular support we will be able to search for solutions how not to waste. 

We trust that you also belong to the people who value the food, and so you’ll be happy to become a saver! 

Support this project even more and ask your friends to help Create campaign

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Vážení, posílala jsem dva recepty na zpracování zahradních přebytků- na přesnídávku a jablečný ocet Došly ty recepty?

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Díky, že se staráte o to, abychom v Česku neplýtvali jídlem. ♥

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For the people helping people. Amazing labor from everybody.

Benjamin Rosas

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Projekt, který má smysl! Prosím každého, např. 100 Kč měsíčně nikdo nepocítí a přitom to obrovský pomůže.

Jana Benesova
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Harambe is not dead

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Smyslupný projekt. Když přispějete, sníží se plýtvání zdroji a zároveň tím někomu pomůžete. :-)


Ať žádné jídlo neskončí v popelnici

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