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Let’s build facilities for women community

This year we have a record number of women who have chosen to seek treatment for addiction in the Betel community. Therefore we need to expand our facilities for them. That's why they joined the Urban Challenge. Can you help them in their effort?

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With record numbers of women in our community choosing to overcome their addiction, the need for expanding their facilities is growing. Especially the new storage space is essential.  That's why our members decided to join the Urban Challenge, a team-based obstacle race.

Why are we taking part in the run? To spread awareness of our community at large, as well as awareness of the needs that the women's community now has. Exercise is also part of our treatment and helps us build our collective.

Please donate so that we can offer sufficient facilities to female community members and continue to expand our capacity.
Your contribution will help to ensure:
- expanding adequate facilities for existing community members
- increase our capacity so that we can continue to accommodate new applicants who have decided to break their addiction and return to family and working life.

Thank you for your support that allows our community to grow and give hope to those who have chosen to fight addiction and get back on their own feet.

Support this project even more and ask your friends to help Create campaign

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Jiřina Čapkova
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Greetings from Bristol … Blessings be on your work dear Petr and Veronika

Judith Murray

Fandím vám!!!

David Halbrštát
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Moc vám všem fandím. Vydržte, bojujte, nejste v tom sami. Stojí to za to. ❤️👍

Olga Mikulík
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Držím vám palce to co děláte je super.Moc děkuji. Losová Věra

Věra Losová
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Jsme vděčni za vaši službu..

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