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We bring rare species of deciduous trees back to our forests

Please help us return rare species of deciduous trees to our forests. Your contribution will help to plant the types of trees now almost missing in the forests. We are aiming towards more resilient forests with higher tree diversity and resistance; introducing rowans, elms, wild cherries and pears, service trees.

we started on 2023-11-21

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How to help rare species of deciduous trees grow back in our forests? 

Our forests have almost lost their wild cherries, wild peer trees, crab apple trees. By the trees not being present in the forests any more, their seedlings can´t be protected by fence posts; moreover, these types of plants won´t grow even in a fenced-off piece of land left to its natural restoration processes. Direct planting of these types of trees into forests is therefore meaningful and the only way how to introduce them back into the forest ecosystems.

Where will we plant next?

Our foundation Nadace Veronica cooperates closely with various landowners, who are supportive of environmental-friendly forest management; e.g. in the regions of Vír, around Jihlava, Třebíč, in Lubné (Tišnov).

Donate any amount to bring rare deciduous tree speciesback into our forests

Thanks to your support, these species of trees will be able to get back to the forests. By supporting this project you help to increase the variety of tree species in our forests, and their resistance and resilience. 
Thank you for your support!

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