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Support the convalescent outdoor stays for children suffering from the SMA disease

Give children with disabilities a chance to spend some time in the countryside. During the school holidays, the Veronica Centre regularly organizes weekly stays for children with the diagnosis of SMA (spinal muscular atrophy).

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The children will deepen their relationship with nature and motivation to protect the environment. The camp also serves as a relief stay to provide the child´s family a week´s time to rest. During the whole stay, all-day physiotherapy and assistance is provided. The Veronica Centre in Hostětín has a close cooperation with the doctors and the emergency medical service in the region; these open-air programs have been organized since 2014.

The camp also offers a wide variety of accompanying activities (trips, canistherapy, music therapy, physiotherapy in the form of massages, etc.) 

Your contribution will help to organize these stays for more than 20 children with SMA and muscular dystrophies that take place in July every year. 

The Veronica Centre in Hostětín provides the children with accommodation in a barrier-free building in the passive standard with recuperation, positioning beds with special hoisters, meals prepared from local and organic ingredients, adapted to their specific dietary needs, all-day personal assistance and medical treatment.
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