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Off-road 4X4 for Czechs in Ukraine

Crackling frost, deep muddy furrows and shrapnel that pierce even the tank's side armor. The cars that the Czechs drive to the event have to withstand all this. Only thanks to a high-quality, powerful car with all-wheel drive can they rescue wounded soldiers and civilians and go into action in places where ordinary mortals would not dare. A powerful second-hand car is as important as a bulletproof vest. Support getting a machine to help win the war.

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Give us the real power to save people and complete missions.
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The war in Ukraine is entering its harshest phase. Wave after wave, the Russian army smashes against the fortified positions of the brave defenders of the borders of Eastern Europe. But the protection of European freedom is not free. The boys are paying in blood, there are many wounded. Help is often not received. Rapid assistance and operational momentum are absolutely key in this war. 
That's why we bring ambulances and second-hand cars to Ukraine, which help to get the necessary help, medics and fresh reinforcements faster. These cars have a short life there, but they will end it bravely, with pride, helping the real heroes to fight the most important battle in generations.
Now we need one more powerful car for the Czechs, who will use it to fulfill all the tasks that come their way.


The Ukrainian battles are reminiscent of the 1st World War. Muddy furrows, unceasing artillery fire, deep craters full of smoldering bodies of fallen soldiers and kilometers of defense lines stretching from horizon to horizon. Any movement of technology here is an unimaginable challenge.

The car we are looking for will serve Czech medics and a unit where Czechs work. Choosing a car is not easy, and a new car of the necessary quality costs around a million crowns or more. But because there is a risk that it will go away very quickly - one crater or a larger flying fragment is enough to break it, we choose a car from the available second-hand cars, which ideally have driven up to 150 thousand kilometers. After a complete service and specific modifications, we are then able to put it into sharp operation and be sure that it will drive successfully for a while.


We choose a car with which the boys have good experience, have flexible use and are directly intended for work in the field. Toyota Hilux type vehicles are ideal, which are popular among soldiers and serve faithfully in the army of the Czech Republic.

Thanks to your support, the boys will go where they would not otherwise go. Without such a car, many soldiers will die of hypothermia and injuries that would otherwise be solvable. 

Thank you for your support! We will not give up!
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Thanks to your support, we have already managed to purchase a Ford F250 car, which is ideal as a multi-purpose offroad. A bed can fit on the bed, but we are able to take up to 9 people to and from the event with it.
It remains to get 25% of the amount for necessary accessories, such as light car armoring, anti-splinter foils, night vision lights and other "goodies" that can save our lives in action. For example, like a set of new tires. Thank you for your support.

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