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Help for Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

Czechs in Ukraine

Czechs cooperate with high commitment in humanitarian activities and have won the recognition of fighters from all over the world. Each of them has the heart of a hero. It is up to us to provide them with maximum support, not only materially, but also psychologically. It is hard to imagine how difficult it is to help the wounded in places that are under massive artillery fire every day. We thank you for the amount you contributed and for your support. We will not give up !!!

we started on 2022-10-11

Support us regularly,, WE WILL NOT GIVE UP !!! ,,

We will help!!! We will not give up !!!

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The goal of our association of volunteers is the general support of Ukraine, the protection of its sovereignty and the assistance of the Ukrainian nation in the fight against Russian military aggression. We help transport the wounded to safety, import and distribute humanitarian aid directly to the places where it is needed, and strive to improve facilities and equipment not only for the Czech defenders in and near the front line. We also have medics on the lines in the field hospital, with whom we regularly add equipment. Instructors who train Ukrainian members in TCCC combat medicine and self-treatment in combat. We train units included in the rescue system. For other Czechs who want to go to Ukraine to cooperate, we provide all the advice and guide them through all possible bureaucracy. We are still in contact with most of them, we carry the necessary material.

We go humanitarian wherever there is a need, and not only in Ukraine. We worked during floods, after a storm in the Tatras, during the Břeclav Tornado. If a disaster happens in your area, we will be there!!!
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