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VIRTUAL RANGER - emergency call for tigers and turtles

For the first time in 13 years, we are in a really critical situation, not as a result of personal failure, but as a result of the global crisis of the covid and now the war, which has resulted in the Sumatra project economic crisis. Due to the forced interruption of volunteer programs for 2 years, we fundamentally lack these funds. So far, we have co-financed the necessary from other project sources, but it is no longer possible. Help us keep patrols and projects going together!

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I want to be a virtual ranger and patron of tigers and turtles!

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We have declared a project Sumatra emergency and set out an emergency rescue package, in which all supporters of Sumatra activities and projects must pull together to save the existence of 175.5 hectares of reserve, Tiger House, forest camps, Blue Life camp and project anti-poaching patrols, Green Patrol and Blue Patrol, 13 years of joint hard work to protect the rainforests and Sumatran tigers. The key energy will be the restart of volunteer programs, which for years have funded projects on Sumatra and should continue to fund them.
For 13 years, we bought licenses from local residents to use land on the border with the Gunung Leuser National Park between the Berkail and Sembelang rivers, and last year we finally obtained a license to legitimately protect the wider protection zone of the area. If we terminate the activities of patrols and YHUA due to non-financing of the project minimum, we will also lose the contract with KPH, and thus we realistically lose the opportunity to operate in the protection zone, including the reserve, and in extreme cases nationalization of land, thus the termination of the reserve.
If you want to save Green Life I and Blue Life I on Sumatra, please get involved now!

The money is needed for 14 minimum salaries for Green Patrol, Blue Patrol and the official NGO YHUA, which officially protects everything, for the maintenance of the Green Life I Reserve and the Blue Life I Camp on Sikandang Island. We also support the education of children in the village of Ujung Sialit. /EDIT to Blue Patrol see below./
Sumatra costs us CZK 100,000 per month and now we have about CZK 60,000 per month in support, so CZK 40,000 is missing. We need 150 people for 200 CZK monthly to get back in the game. One-off donations then create a reserve to make up for missing monthly amounts. 
We are now taking measures that must save Sumatra. The associations Prales dětem CZ, Prales dětem SK, NGO JUSTICE FOR NATURE in Scotland and YHUA in Indonesia cooperate on this. 
Currently, a tiger has reappeared in our reserve, Rafflesie has blossomed nearby and the paradise beach in front of the Blue Life volunteer camp shines with cleanliness. Our rangers are ready to work, and we must support these boys. 
Thanks for your cooperation, sharing and support !!!

Since 2009, we have been working to protect the rainforest and endangered species in the Leuser ecosystem on Sumatra, Indonesia. We buy the forest and create a reserve, a protection zone between NP Gunung Leuser and human civilization. We employ people in the Green Patrol anti-poaching patrol, work with the local community and educate the next generation.

In 2017, we expanded our activities with a project aimed at protecting the underwater world and cleaning beaches from plastic waste. We give people work in the Blue Patrol anti-poaching patrol, which protects mainly sea turtles from poaching. We work with local communities and the government's BKSDA, not just on the protection ofthe Bangkaru Island.

EDIT: Due to cost-saving measures, we had to suspend the activities of the Blue Patrol team, i.e. cooperation on the protection of turtles on Bangkaru Island. Field activity will resume after we obtain a stable coverage of costs and increase the number of regular donors, possibly with the contribution of larger donors. Thank you for your support and help to start this project again!

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Za Sumatru 💚🙏

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I support this mission of extreme importance!

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Za Tygra...

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Tento dar je poděkování za obrovskou pomoc při vzniku fotky "Seraua z Greenu", která uspěla na letošních Czech Nature Photo... :)

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Díky za to co děláte!

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Nature is my temple!

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