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SMILE FUND – Help children in a children’s home deal with the Covid crisis

Help the children from the Children's Home in Dolní Počernice cope with the Covid-19 crisis's traumatic experience. Due to the gravity of the situation, we would like to make therapeutic help accessible to as many children as possible. Many of them have been separated from their families for a long time and have suffered from this isolation. Children who have gone through such events tend not to trust easily, and therapy often serves as a device for them to find comfort and understanding of their trauma.

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Together with the students, support the Children's Home in Dolní Počernice.
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Our project, SMILE, was formed in 2017 as a student-led initiative at The English College of Prague. We believe that education is vital for every young individual's development and future; thus, our primary goal is to support interesting, mainly educational, projects for the children of the home in Dolní Počernice. In 2019, Park Lane International School joined the SMILE Project team.
Four years after the start of the project, the world was struck with the Covid-19 pandemic. This uncertain future poses questions about whether our project would survive given that schools in The Czech Republic closed early into the crisis. As a result, we were forced to halt the organization of numerous projects and events that would otherwise help the children. Due to social distancing restrictions, many of the annual events had to be cancelled or rescheduled. Even so, we have prevailed and are hoping to find alternative ways to preserve these activities.

The needs of the children's home are our top priority, and we believe that the administration of the children's home knows the best ways to help the children. That is why we asked them how we could contribute.

The main point made by the administration of the children's home was that there was a need for therapeutic help, which is one of the main ways children can cope with these unprecedented times and deal with the trauma they experienced earlier in their life. That is why we are asking for your help.

Currently, the home in Dolní Počernice is home to 66 children. For the enrollment of 14 children in therapy, the home will have to pay a monthly fee of approximately 40,000 CZK. Unfortunately, more than 14 children need therapy. Child therapists are not too common, and this therapy is generally not covered by insurance; the payment for one hour ranges from 700-1,000 CZK.

Therefore, we would like to receive an overall donation of 320,000 CZK, as it would cover the costs of therapy for the children, who are dealing with issues that come with isolation; this money would allow the children's home to cover their costs for therapy until the end of the academic year 2020/21.

Please support us! By doing so, you will help us put a smile on the faces of children. Everyone deserves a chance at a happy life!

The Smile Fund was established in cooperation with The Via Clarita Foundation.
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