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Eye of the Earth - world monitoring program for the protection of wild animals

Support the world monitoring program Eye of the Earth and its individual programs Eye of Tiger, Eye of Bear, Eye of Gorilla, Eye of Jaguar or Eye of Snow Leopard and others, which with the use of camera trails help not only in the monitoring of endangered animals species around the world, but above all in their field protection and detection of poaching or illegal tree logging.

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Eye of the Earth

World monitoring program for the protection of wild animals

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The Eye of the Earth aims to provide national park rangers with monitoring technology, including accessories and equipment, as well as obtaining unique footage of the life of animals, which are used for the creation of the international educational program Ethics of the Earth, which will be presented to the world in 2022 at the 10th World Congress of the International Ranger Federation in the Azores Islands and handed over to rangers from more than 70 countries in 2025 at the 11th IRF World Congress of Rangers in Peru.

This training program will be provided to schools from five continents from September 2025. Ethics of the Earth will become part of educating millions of children about the environment, animals, and human civilization across continents. It will be the greatest promotion and motivation for nature protection and respect for the work of rangers, those who put their lives on the front line to protect national parks and the world's wilderness.

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