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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) we had to suspend the activity of the Czech Scouting Institute in Brno. The revenue is thus at zero, but the costs remain. We will be very grateful for any aid that might help us outlast this situation.

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Under normal circumstances, we prepare 10 to 15 freely accessible educational events a month and the Czech Scouting Institute in Brno is a popular meeting place.

We are normally able to cover the costs of operation of the scout clubhouse on Moravák (Moravian square in Brno) from the reading room income and rentals. At the moment, however, we respect the government's order and we are closed. We want to open again as soon as possible, because we really believe the idea of Scout clubhouse in Brno (and everywhere else). Perhaps many of you have grown to like this place. 

However, this interruption of activity means a great economic loss, which we will find difficult to cope with. 

If you can help us with any amount in this difficult situation, we will be very grateful. And we believe that we will be able to invite you to Moravák again (as soon as possible) - whether to sit in the reading room or to attend an interesting program in the hall. 

Yours faithfully 
The Czech Scouting Institute Team
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