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The music of Antonín Dvořák can speak the universal language that directly reaches the human soul. It represents the values that led to the creation of the Dvořák Prague Festival. Do you share our admiration for his artistic legacy, and are you a fan of our festival?

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Under Antonín Dvořák’s symbolic baton, a patrons’ orchestra has been created to welcome all admirers of the master’s works. The colours of precious metals represent our membership categories, symbolising the rare silver and gold of instruments’ strings and the bronze and copper tones of the brass instruments. It is only with your support that we can let the festival fanfares resound.
Which category will be yours?

PLATINUM PATRONS / Solo performers (CZK 100,000 and more)

Ideally, soloists are performers who, through their art and charisma, win everyone over to their side. The orchestra plays behind them like never before and the audience is amazed at what a soloist can do. The best of them are not selfish exhibitionists, but generous personalities who can share their art in a unique and special way.

GOLDEN PATRONS / Harp (CZK 50,000 and more)
It was Lumír and other fabled singers who sang the praises of the mythical Vyšehrad to the sound of their harps. Legendary Irish bards traipsed around the green island with harps in their hands. In today’s orchestra, the harp also boldly conveys important messages. It wanders among the other instruments alone, with everyone listening to her.

SILVER PATRONS / Keyboard instruments (CZK 20,000 and more)
Today’s orchestra with piano, celesta and a harpsichord takes on a heavenly glamour and amazing rhythmic energy. Just a few touches of the keys and everything changes at once. The sound of the orchestra rotates and soars into the sky.

BRONZE PATRONS / Wind instruments (CZK 10,000 and more)
Imagine the largo from the New World’s Symphony and you will immediately recall the slightly nostalgic tone of the English horn. Remember how beautifully the clarinets and flutes converge as they talk about the confluence of the Cold and Warm Vltava rivers. Wind instruments enhance the character of an orchestra, underlining its personality.

COPPER PATRONS / String instruments (CZK 1,500 CZK and more)
Have you ever heard people praise the unique sound of the Czech Philharmonic? Have the rumours about the Berliner Philharmoniker’s smooth legato reached your ears? Whether yes or no, these characteristics largely apply to string instruments. The strings lay the foundations of the orchestral sound. Everything else is based on the strings.

How do we utilize your support?

Our goal is not only to raise the funds so necessary to assure the festival’s quality in programming and organization, but to find support—both material and moral—that will help us develop particular projects closely tied to the festival. We direct the financial gifts, experience, knowledge, and personal engagement of members of the Patrons' Club to the following areas:
·       care for the cultural bequest and legacy of Antonín Dvořák, the most esteemed Czech composer worldwide (the Dvořák Prague Festival),
·       promotion of Czech musical art both at home and abroad (the Antonín Dvořák Prize), and
·       support for young artists, beginning musicians, and youth having an interest in culture (For the Future).

The membership in the Friends' Club is intended for individual or corporate donors. Membership is always valid for one calendar year (one year of the festival).
The membership contribution has the form of a gift.

For more about the possibilities for membership and its benefits, see

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Držíme palce v roce 2024

Radovan Mayer
CZK 2,500

Dvorakova Praha became an iconic festival in Prague, organized with highest standards and top level performances! Wishing a huge success in 2024!
Olga & Tony Khatskevich.

Tony and Olga Khatskevich

Dvořákova Praha je jedinečný projekt. Věřím, že díky úžasné práci organizátorů festivalu budeme
mít i nadále možnost užít si mistrovské dílo Antonína Dvořáka a jiných skladatelů v podání nejlepších interpretů současnosti. Děkuji!!!

Tereza Šmrhová Kovács
CZK 20,000

S úctou a respektem k tomu, co už léta tak dobře děláte.

Vladimír Bystrov
CZK 50,000

Tak se nám o ten odkaz prapradědečka i nadále tak hezky starejte! :)

Petr A Gabriela Dvořákovi
CZK 10,000

Děkujeme za skvělou akci.

Radovan Mayer
CZK 2,500

Dvorakova Praha is a fantastic festival, bringing big joy to true classical music fans and a great tribute to Antonin Dvorak, one of the only geniuses in the entire history!
Looking forward for another great success in 2023!

Tony Khatskevich

Ráda přispěji na dobro věci, neboť každý rok DP navštívím. Hudba je nástrojem lásky a dobra.

Martina Němcová
CZK 1,500

Looking forward to my tenth visit to Praha and concert (s), and for the other in next years !

François Aubert

Rád přispívám mnoho let na několik oblíbených festivalů - Dvořákova Praga, Smetanova Litomyšl, Za poklady Broumovska, Zlatá Pecka Chrudim, České filharmonii a talentované mládeži.

MUDr. Aleš Zlámal
CZK 1,500