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Treatise on Love

A theatrical performance created without sponsors or grants, only with the resources of the creators themselves and their love of honest theatre. From the onset, the goal of the project was not too make money, but to give people joy, energy and strength in their everyday search for and contemplation of that precious, fragile feeling that love is.

we started on 2018-11-25

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Last year we performed a total of 10 times in the
theatres of Celetna and Reznicka. We performed especially for our
friends. Three of these performances were meant as a way to say thank
you to several wonderful foundations: Kapka Nadeje,
Rehafit-Rehabilitation Centre for the Physically Disabled, and
Amelie-psychosocial help for oncological patients and their loved
ones. In other words,to people who care daily, help the sick and their
relatives, doctors, nurses in hospitals and individual organizational
units of foundations.

The Marianna Arzumananova`s Theatre does not have
its own space, and therefore we play in rented theatres, where the
operation, especially the space hire, is very expensive.

That's why we are turning to you, our friends, theatre lovers, those who enjoy the show, in this festive time before Christmas, with the request to support this project. Every and any amount you can donate will help us. 

And in return, we'd like to offer you two tickets for the Spring
Festival performance: 

8.2. at 19:30, Theater in Celetna.

Donating "love" is definitely a beautiful gift! Make someone happy, along with yourself, and help us spread our message and share our passion :-)

Photo by Michaela Škvrňáková and Dimitri Goreloff

For more information about the performance, visit:
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Přeji pohodové Vánoce.
Jitka Afsahi
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Evi, přeju krásné vánoce. Eva Sn.
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