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Western Derby eland conservation programme - The feedstuff for Derby eland

The western Derby eland belongs among the most endangered animals on our planet! The great hope for this eland is the breeding program in two Senegalese reserves Bandia and Fathala. The Derbianus Conservation team works in these reservations only part of the year, however the local staff is in daily contact with Derby elands, who regularly search for them and provide the supplementary feeding.

we started on 2017-12-21
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Providing of the supplementary feeding to the animals in reserves is the most necessary in the dry season, when food resources are considerably limited and fences protecting animals from hunters and predators are also a barrier to prevent natural herd migration. The local staff also assist in herd monitoring and identification.

Elands receive nutritionally balanced and high-quality supplementary diet from local fields in the form of peanut hay and pellets. In dry season, 45 bags of peanut hay are delivered daily to the Bandia Reserve. During the season, it is possible to obtain the pods of the acacia (Faidherbia albida; formerly Acacia albida), which is a delicacy for Derby elands. We also provide mineral licks.
  • By donating 150 CZK you will contribute one bag of peanut straw
  • By donating 500 CZK you will contribute 4 bags of peanut hay and a few pellets on the top ;-)
  • By donating 1 000 CZK you will provide monthly nutrition for one Derby eland 
 If your donation is a gift to someone else, don't hesitate to contact us so we can issue a certificate. We will send the certificate also by post from donations over 1000 CZK.

The NGO Derbianus Conservation associates students, scientists, experts and enthusiasts who want to participate in biodiversity conservation and who are not unconcerned about the fate of the Western Derby eland. We are saving this species for 20 years.

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Pro záchranu antilopy Derbyho

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Keep going, keep growing!

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