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Western Derby eland and antelope conservation

The western Derby eland belongs among the most endangered animals on our planet! The great hope for this eland is the breeding program in two Senegalese reserves Bandia and Fathala. The Antelelope Conservation team works in these reservations only part of the year. We are mainly engaged in research on antelopes, not only Derby eland, but also other species. A large part of our activities is carried out in the Niokolo Koba National Park and in cooperation with our partners. Thanks to a good knowledge of antelopes, their ecology, population structure and behavior, we can contribute to their effective protection.

we started on 2017-12-21
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The NGO Antelope Conservation associates students, scientists, experts and enthusiasts who want to participate in biodiversity conservation and who are not unconcerned about the fate of the Western Derby eland. We are saving this species for 20 years and recently, we are working on conservation of other antelope species.

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Jen tak dál.

Daniel Mihulka
CZK 2,000

Viděl jsem dokument co děláte pro ty naše zvířata a pro to ,že mám rád Afriku. Tak jsem rád,že můžu pomoct alespoň tak .

Jozef Valko
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Diky za vasi praci

Jan Turay

Pro záchranu antilopy Derbyho

Jan Kalač
CZK 50

Keep going, keep growing!

Jan Staš
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Na podporu aktivit záchrany Antilopy Derbyho :)

Hynek Roubík

Hodně štěstí antilopám i jejich zachráncům :)

Petr Zaoral
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