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Western Derby eland conservation programme

The NGO Derbianus Conservation is more than 17 year engaged in the conservation of critically endangered Western Derby eland which can be found only in Senegal. There are only 300 Western Derby elands remaining right here in Senegal. Only population in captivity can be found Bandia and Fathala Reserve and thanks to the NGO Derbianus Conservation there are now more than 100 animals living in these two reserves.

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The NGO Derbianus Conservation associates students, scientists, experts and enthusiasts who want to participate in biodiversity conservation and who are not unconcerned about the fate of the Western Derby eland. 

Western Derby eland is one of the most endangered animal on the planet! But there are high hopes for the Western Derby eland – its breeding programme in two reserves in Senegal, Bandia and Fathala. In the breeding management, we focus on individual pedigrees to ensure the selection of suitable animals for reproduction. We coordinate our activities with the Directorate of National Parks of Senegal (DPN) and the Society for the protection of the Environment and Wildlife in Senegal (SPEFS). Furthermore we are dedicated to other activities related to the protection of biodiversity and antelopes. In the research, we focus mainly on areas practically applicable in the breeding management of Western Derby eland and other endangered species. Beside the cooperation with academic community, we focus also on public education and raising of public awareness. Our educational programmes are bringing up new nature protection enthusiasts, in Senegal and also in the Czech Republic.

Africa isn't a distant part of the world for us. Yet it is a part of environment which is the only one in the whole world and by its protection, we ensure a better future for ourselves and for our loved ones all around the world as well.

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