Tichý svět, o.p.s.

http://www.tichysvet.cz/ Phone: +420 720 996 089 Email: tichysvet@tichysvet.cz

Since 2006, we have been connecting the world of the hearing and the deaf. We provide support to the deaf through social services that facilitate their integration into society. We offer social rehabilitation, professional social counseling and interpretation services - Tichá linka. We cooperate with the organization Tichý svět - chráněná pracoviště, o. p. s. on projects: Tichá kávárna - cafe, cukrárna - confectioners, Tichá právy - news i czech sign language and translations into ČZJ, Tichý jazyk - sign language courses and Tichá jehla - custom made products from recycled materials. We also organize various cultural and educational events for the public, thanks to which we increase general awareness of the deaf world and sign language.

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