CEREBRUM - Asociace osob po získaném poškození mozku, z.s.

http://www.cerebrum2007.cz Phone: +420 775 577 701 Email: info@cerebrum2007.cz

We help people with brain damage to return to a full life. We teach how to read and write again, how to speak. We bring back independence and self-sufficiency where the official care system does not. We know that the chances of success are at any age. We are only organisation who provide such home therapy. We currently help clients who need help from psychologist, speech therapist, physiotherapist. The arrangement of assistance is non-acute care in the form of individual and group therapies. The main objective is to raise the awareness of the Czech public about the wide range of consequences of brain injury and the possibilities of rehabilitation. We provide advice in this area and map services that are intended for people after this injury. We also perform our own therapeutic activities and ergotherapy in the home environment. Our team is a psychologist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, physiotherapist. Our clients are people after a stroke (stroke), injuries (accidents, sports falls and the like) or with consequences after treatment of malignant diseases. We also try to provide help and advice to the clinic's family, carers and relatives.

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