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The Wildlife Rescue Station has been owned and operated since 1992 by ČSOP Nový Jičín. Since then, it has undergone many modifications and completions and is currently able to take care of all the handicapped wildlife, especially from the Moravian-Silesian Region, but also from parts of Zlín region and the small part of the Olomouc Region. Livestock reception is rising and in recent years their number exceeds 1700 individuals a year. Of this, more than 50% of the animals manage to return to the wild. In addition to this basic mission, the organization addresses or participates in the implementation of a number of expert projects aimed at saving endangered species of our fauna or protecting their habitats and nesting territories. The most famous rescue program is the Return of the Golden Eagle to the Czech Republic. It is also very much devoted to environmental education, and since 2014 has been running the Visitors Center of the House of Nature Poodří.

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