Vstaň a choď z. s.

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RISE UP AND WALK is an open community that builds „meeting bridges“ between riders (people in wheelchairs with physical disabilities) and walkers (people without physical disabilities). We believe that each person has their own „handicap“, some more visible – some less, and we can be a gift and enrichment to each other when we meet. That's why we organize various meetings throughout the year – Evening meetings once a month in Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava. Mostly once a month weekend events and the highlight is the weekly summer meeting in Sedliště near Frýdek-Místek.. The community was founded ten years ago by Milan and Lenka Svojanovský, who raised seven children, one of whom moves around in a wheelchair. Their family home thus became the centre of the RISE UP AND WALK community and the heart of most of our events. RISE UP AND WALK is largely based on the hearts and mutual service of many volunteers, whether riding or walking, young and old, who each contribute according to their ability to the running of the community and the organization of individual meetings.

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