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The publishing house of Romani literature KHER (2012) was founded on the idea of supporting the creation, promotion and development of literature by Romani people not only from the Czech Republic. That is why we support Romani authors in the process of creating and publishing their work. We spread awareness of the existence of Romani literature to the society through author readings in cafes, libraries, schools, and at various festivals across the Czech Republic. We ensure easy availability of books by Romani authors in bookstores, libraries, schools, and other institutions. We strive to ensure that Romani literature is not only featured in the Romani media and at cultural events for Romani people, but that it also speaks from the majority media and enriches Czech literature as an increasingly obvious part of it. We dedicated the first years of our existence to making sure that Romani authors and their readers have an easily accessible publishing platform at, and therefore focused on publishing only e-books. In 2018, we have already bet on printed and editorially and visually precise books, which went hand in hand with a greater focus on building an audience through author readings and collaborations with established literary festivals. A year later, KHER tested audience interest in Romani literature through a successful crowdfunding campaign. In 2020, for the first time, two new print titles from KHER Publishing entered the market and became as easily accessible as audiences are used to with other literatures.

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