Yagana Lucky zone, z.s.

http://www.yaganaluckyzone.cz Phone: +420 603 238 359 Email: yaganaluckyzone@gmail.com

WE ARE COLLECTING PLASTIC BOTTLES IN SENEGAL AND BUILD BUNGALOWS FROM THEM. The mission of Yagana is the implementation of projects and the provision of financing and material assistance for the implementation of activities to support nature and landscape protection in Senegal and Gambia, new and non-traditional approaches and solutions in the field of upcycling (secondary treatment of waste material), architecture and new technologies, development, cultivation and financing of the construction of the Yagana Lucky zone, which is an example of upcycling. Yagana Lucky zone, aesthetically and structurally should give the impression of a partnership of civilization, tradition and nature. It will be built from civilization waste with elements of traditional techniques and natural material.

Current projects