Lenka v říši divů z.s.

http://www.lenkavrisidivu.cz Phone: 608 818 253 Email: trojpa@gmail.com

Lenka is a beautiful curly-haired autistic girl, who needs 24/7 care. She was born as a healthy child but after her 2nd birthday Lenka started to escape into a different world, as if our planet was no fun to her any more. Her parents took her to many doctors before one finally got it. She doesn't hear, since she doesn't want to hear. She doesn't speak, since she doesn't want to speak. She doesn't eat, since she sees no reason to do so. And the diagnosis was autism level 2 with mental retardation. Lenka gave her parents and brother a hard time at the beginning but after years of her therapies they finaly found the way - they pay visits to her world and she joins them in our one in return. And as Lenka loves music and constantly recites or sings (with greatest joy at 3 or 4 a.m.), she is our "Lenka v říši divů - Lenka in Wonderland", the enchanted princess.

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