Podnikatelské odbory - Unie podnikatelských a živnostenských spolků, z.s.

https://www.podb.cz/ Phone: +420 777 038 047 Email: info@podb.cz

Business unions now have more than 14,700 members and are the second-largest representatives of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic. Established in February 2017, their main objective is to defend sole traders and small business owners from unwanted and unjustified state interference in business. Specifically, they are cracking down on the state's control and power over businesses. Activities aim to straighten out the business environment in favour of small business. By implementing their projects, they are giving back to the state the responsibilities it has delegated to the entrepreneurs. The organisation and all its staff fulfil the principles of environmental protection in their day-to-day activities (waste sorting, print minimization, preferences for ecological transport, usage of online communication tools and technology).

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