Asociace neformálního vzdělávání, z.s. Phone: 724 236 972 Email:

We aim to change the education of young people in a way that they are prepared for a life in 21st century. We are ready to influence this change by developing those working with children and youth. This is our main focus and we have results - we are working on it already for 8 years, systematically and on a long-term basis, we work with educational needs and ask for sense, benefit and goal of each activity we prepare. We know, how to work with competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes); we have created our own methodical support and tools - publication and e-learning. We teach facilitators of leisure time activities, pedagogs and trainers, how to work interactively, inclusively, take into account various learning styles and how to search and develop talent and personality of each child or young person in such areas as problem solving, teamwork, adaptability, communication or entrepreneurship. We know, how to make education entertaining and useful for life at the same time. We work internationally and bring innovations and inspiration to the Czech Republic. We work with principles of non-formal education, which is much more flexible than the formal one and we want to bring inspiration and new working methods into schools, NGOs and educational institutions.

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